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05/05/2015 BOS Meeting Minutes
        Meeting Minutes
                                           Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on 5/19/2015  by a vote of  4-0       
7:00 p.m. – May 5, 2015
                                       Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
       Chairman Kenneth Stuart, Vice Chair David Hall, Selectmen Mike Chizy, John Hebert and Paul Maynard  
       Town Administrator James Smith & Debbie Jacques, secretary   

Chairman Stuart calls the meeting to order at 7:00pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance
Public Forum: No comments

Vice-Chair Hall motions to accept as presented minutes from the 4/21/2015 BOS meeting; Selectman Maynard 2nds passes 4-0-1
                                                                             Selectman Hebert abstains, absent from 4/21/15   
 ***Public Hearing*** Pole Hearing: Selectman Chizy opens the hearing by reading the notice as advertised in the Millbury Sutton Chronicle on 4/16/15. Thomas Blicharz is here as a consultant for Verizon. Mr. Blicharz stated this is to move the existing pole 12 feet to the west as it is blocking the proposed entrance of Price Chopper. TA Smith says the Police, Fire and Highway have no issues. Hearing no comments from the BOS and no public comments, Selectman Chizy motions to close the Public Hearing Selectman Maynard seconds passes 5-0.
Vice-Chair Hall motions to allow Verizon & National Grid to relocate 1 JO Pole #T.61/E.60 on Boston Road and place approximately 224 feet northeasterly from centerline of Pleasant Valley Road as shown on plan # 4A0AD3N, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 5-0

Green Line Velo road race: present is event director Kyle Butler. TA Smith says this is the 6th event in town, this organization has a solid reputation with the town, and we have had no previous issues unlike the road race in March with MIT Cycling. This organization has contributed in the past to the Sutton Food Pantry, the solar panels on the school roof and the police canine dog. Mr. Butler says it is a pleasure to work with the school, the Police, Fire and Highway. The event is scheduled for June 7th from 7AM to 6PM. Selectman Chizy says they do a good job and has no issues. Selectman Hebert says to keep up the high standards. Vice Chair Hall asks how many participants, Kyle answers 380-500. Dave continues by saying we love to have these events in town, as long as they are well run and controlled. Selectman Maynard says this is a great race but please respect the residents, property in town and motorists.  Chairman Stuart says it is not easy coming in after an event that did not go well; they did not respect our town or the school facility. Ken states this is an exciting race to watch as he lives on the route but it does inconvenience some residents. Over all Ken is supportive of this event. Selectman Hebert motions to approve the Greenline Velo cycling race to be held on June 7th between the hours of 7AM to 6PM with detail Police Officers & EMS, road signage in place and a copy of the insurance rider on file in the Town Administrators office, Vice Chair Hall seconds passes 5-0

MRA Sport summer program: Alex Rogozenski is present. This is the third year this organization will be using Marion’s Camp for swimming as well as holding 2 triathlons. The 1st triathlon will be June 19th @ 6:30pm and the 2nd will be August 2 @ 7:30am. All waivers and the clubs liability insurance will be on file in the TA office prior to the start of this season. MRA has donated to the Food Pantry, Marion’s Camp and the Sutton/Douglas Football booster club. Selectman Chizy says they have a good track record he has heard no complaints.  Selectman Hebert suggests to TA Smith the Police Dept have their boat on the water the night of the open swim to the island. Alex states they had just received the signed form from Chief Towle and it will be forwarded to the Environmental Police as well. Alex says that the insurance requires 1 lifeguard for every 50 swimmers. Vice Chair Hall asks if the clinics (Kayak and paddleboard) are open to members only, Alex states that it is usually just the members that participate but others may as well. Dave also asks about the relationship with the Lake Association. Alex says that they have a positive relationship; we wrapped up the last year great. Dave wishes Alex continued success and is happy to have these events in town. Selectman Maynard comments on the busy calendar of events, Paul asks who is used for 1st aid AED, Alex replies the Sutton Fire Dept.  Chairman Stuart says it is amazing what a couple of years can do to heal the soul. Ken commends Alex on connecting with the Lake Association, they are a tough group, he goes on to say this is a great event showcasing the highlight of our town. We appreciate your effort and honesty. Alex says the support of the Board really helped. The buoys will be placed in the water next week.

TA Update:
  • Final Budget changes: Prop & Casualty increased by $40,000. by bringing the completed school on the policy. The Chapter 70 aid recommended by the Gov. has been incorporated into the School Budget, the school appropriation for FY16 is $14,376,873.00 if there is an increase in funding received for the school it will go to the Fall Town Meeting.
  • Chairman Stuart says there are challenges with the school dept budget but we have a great financial team. It is tough to go through budget situations, not everyone is happy. We have voiced our concern to our reps as to where Chapter 70 & 90 funds are.
  • Cpl. John Dawson of Northbridge was laid to rest last week. Thank you to all town staff that assisted the Town of Northbridge (street sweeper and driver, the Fire Dept. & the Police Dept.)
  • Vice Chair Hall commends TA Smith for his response to the Town of Northbridge it was the right thing to do. Dave is proud that Jim used the resources he did to assist.
  • Chairman Stuart thanks TA Smith, Ken states our towns are part of the Blackstone Valley family.
  • Charter Communication will not be joining Comcast as a merger.
  • Memorial Day Parade:   Monday May 25th, 2015 @ 11am
  • Chairman Stuart says the Memorial Day Parade is the heart and soul of the town; it is certainly a highlight each year.
  • WWII monument placed today, this is all due to Mike Chizy asking for it to be placed outside for the public to see.  
  • Selectman Maynard said he was lucky to be driving by today and see the monument delivered.
  • Chairman Stuart thanks Mike Chizy and Mark Bailey for their tireless work in getting this completed.

Announcements: N/A
  • Chairman Stuart was present at the Little League Parade this past weekend. Ken thanks the following children for being his pitching coaches: Liam Kane, Freddie Romano & Bennett Darling

 7:40 pm Selectman Hebert motions to adjourn, Vice Chair Hall 2nds passes 5-0
Meeting Adjourned

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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