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Board of Selectmen Minutes 09/09/2008
  Meeting Minutes--
Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on--------------------------------------  _ September 30, 2008   by a vote   __5-0___ _             

7:00 p.m. – September 9, 2008
Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
Michael Chizy, Chairman; John Hebert, Vice-Chairman; Richard Hersom, Clerk; Kevin Geraghty, Member; Ryan Fattman, Member

Also in Attendance:     James Smith, Town Administrator; Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Chizy calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

No comments under Public Forum  

Selectman Fattman motions to approve the August 19, 2008 minutes, Selectman Hersom seconds, all in favor passes 5-0
Selectman Geraghty motions to approve but not release minutes of the Executive Session on August 19, 2008. Selectman Hebert seconds, all in favor passes 5-0
Selectman Hersom motions to accept the Goals & Objectives minutes from August 23, 2008, Selectman Fattman seconds, all in favor passes 5-0
*** PUBLIC HEARING ***  Tax Classification Hearing:
Selectman Hersom reads the Public Hearing as advertised in the Telegram and Gazette. Selectman Geraghty motions to open the public hearing, Selectman Fattman seconds the motion, all in favor 5-0
Chairman of the Assessors office, Robert (Knick) Nunnemacher and Principal Assessor Joyce Sardagnola are present. Knick informs all present that this is a classification hearing which must be conducted annually to determine if the town should adopt one tax rate for residential/open space and commercial/industrial/personal property. This decision is based solely on the Board of Selectmen but the rate is totally controlled by the Department of Revenue. There was a 9 year cyclical valuation performed in Sutton this past year, this captures additions and improvements to residential property that may have not been reported which results in higher property value and increased taxes. Vision Appraisal that performed the reval was able to access 93% of the homes in Sutton.  The new total assessment of the town is 1.3 billion dollars, 90% is residential and the remaining 10% is commercial/industrial and personal property. The entire BOS thank Knick and Joyce for their presentation. Selectman Geraghty asks at what point does a community look at a split rate to shift the tax burden onto the commercial properties. TA Smith replies that if there is at least 30% of commercial property that would be a very solid base to sift. Selectman Hebert states that he does not mind a split tax rate but not at this time as we are trying to promote commercial growth in Sutton. Selectman Hersom agrees it is not the right time to split the tax rate and questions the methodology used to calculate new growth. Selectman Chizy agrees that now is not the time to have a split rate. Hearing no further discussion Selectman Fattman motions to close the Public Hearing, Selectman Geraghty seconds, all in favor passes 5-0. Selectman Geraghty motions to stay with a single rate tax classification factor for Fiscal Year 2009 of 1, Selectman Fattman seconds, all in favor passes 5-0  

                        ***PUBLIC HEARING*** Whittier Chapter 61A Land:  Lot 1 Eight Lots Road
Selectman Hersom reads the Public Hearing as advertised in the Telegram and Gazette on August 30, 2008. Selectman Fattman motions to open the Public Hearing, Selectman Hebert seconds all in favor passes 5-0. TA Smith discusses this piece of property; the town has the right of 1st refusal as it is under Chapter 61A.  TA Smith informs board that the Planning Dept. was the only dept. to respond with a recommendation not to exercise the towns’ right to purchase. After brief discussion, the Board of Selectmen are all in agreement not to purchase the property. Selectman Geraghty motions to close the public hearing, Selectman Fattman seconds, all in favor passes 5-0. Selectman Hersom motions to NOT exercise BOS option to purchase 2 acres of land, located on Eight Lots Road (Assessors map 21, parcels 4 & 17), being removed from MGL Chapter 61A Agricultural Restriction, Selectman Geraghty seconds all in favor passes 5-0   

43D Point of Contact: TA Smith has requested Planning Director Jen Hager be appointed as the municipal point of contact for the Chapter 43D process. Chapter 43D process requires the Town appoint a single person to serve as the municipal contact. Currently the town is applying for $150,000. for a GIS system and a feasibility study for connector roadways on route 146. All are in agreement at the appointment of Jen Hager. Selectman Hebert motions to appoint Jennifer Hager, Sutton Planning Director as the municipal point of contact for the Chapter 43D expedited permitting process, Selectman Hersom seconds all in favor passes 5-0  

Town Administrator Performance Evaluation: TA Smith discusses with BOS that his contract states he is to be reviewed by the BOS annually in September. Included in the packets is the 3 page evaluation form that has been used previously. Jim requests the board to review and it will be an agenda item for September 30th. Selectman Geraghty asks if this form should be revised or added to. After brief discussion, it is decided to use this form this evaluation and possible add some of the goals and objectives to next years eval. Selectman Chizy says there should be a workshop to review and add or delete parts of the evaluation. Selectman Chizy requests that the evaluation be completed and put in Ricks mailbox by Tuesday September 16th, Rick will compile the scores for the next meeting.

Release of Agostini Construction, Co.: Jim states this is the next and last step in ending with the Elementary School construction settlement by the town against the general contractor Agositini. Atty. Tom McEnaney and Bob Ceppi worked on a punch list of projects, Bob Ceppi inspected after the completion of each item. This agreement would release our action in court. After brief discussion, Selectman Geraghty motions to execute the stipulation of release against Agostini Construction based upon Town Counsel’s report that all deficient and incomplete work on the Elementary School has been completed Selectmen Hersom seconds all in favor passes 5-0    
Town Administrator Update:
·       Manchaug Water Contamination- boil water order lifted August 21st
·       Assessors Property card computer- computer on counter for public use
·       North Village-Brown Rd Douglas-proposed 40B project with 133 units in Douglas. Traffic impact on Hough Road will be major. Selectman Hebert requests the possibility of a no truck sign to cut down on large vehicles.
·       Movie update- Cruelty scheduled to begin shooting in October. Jim has checked with Town Councel, there is no liability in allowing them to use the name of the Town but there will be indemnification forms filled out.
·       Fire/Police grant used to purchase an illuminated message board and tower lights.
·       Police Resignations: Jesse Bonardi and Justin Bennes have given their notices.
·       Transfer Station Flyers-Jim and Pam Nicholas have worked on these flyers which will be placed in the tax bills. Hopefully this will attract new users. Selectman Geraghty very pleased with the proactive approach.
·       Monday, November 3rd tri board meeting (School Comm. Fin Com and BOS)
·       Selectman Fattman Oct. 22nd meet Paul Frost at Bagels and Kabobs
·       Selectman Hebert: BOS meeting Wednesday September 10th 10:30 at the Senior Center
Round Table:
·       Selectman Fattman- Friends of Marions Camp met Monday Sept 8th. Some deliverables on the table. Working with
       Pam and Jim LeClaire to make a video of Marions Camp. Discussed fund raising ideas.
·       Selectman Chizy- Food Pantry low
·       Selectman Hebert- Lions Club has a Fuel assistance fund please donate
·       Selectman Geraghty- tough year for heat. Sutton Fuel Assistance strictly for Sutton residents.

Hearing no further discussion, Selectman Fattman motions to adjourn the meeting, Selectman Hersom seconds the motion all in favor passes 5-0

8:35 pm

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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