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Board of Selectmen Minutes 09/30/2008
  Meeting Minutes--
Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on--------------------------------------  _ 10/15/2008___ by a vote   _4-0 ___             

7:00 p.m. – September 30, 2008
Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
Michael Chizy, Chairman; John Hebert, Vice-Chairman; Richard Hersom, Clerk; Kevin Geraghty, Member; Ryan Fattman, Member

Also in Attendance:     James Smith, Town Administrator; Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Chizy calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

No comments under Public Forum  

Selectman Fattman motions to approve the September 09, 2008 minutes, Selectman Hebert seconds, all in favor passes 5-0
Selectman Hersom motions to accept the September 10, 2008 Board of Selectmen’s meeting held at the Sutton Senior Center, Selectman Fattman seconds, passes 4-0-1

Appointment to the Recreation Commission: Barry McLean is present requesting appointment to the Recreation Commission. This appointment will replace the vacancy left by Sharon Manz with a term to expire 2010. After brief discussion, Selectman Geraghty motions to appoint Barry McLean to the Recreation Commission with a term to expire 2010, Selectman Hersom seconds the motion; all in favor passes 5-0
Selectman Geraghty takes this time to thank Sharon Manz for her years of dedicated service

Town Warrant: TA Smith begins review of the Fall Town Meeting Warrant to be held on October 20th. Selectman Chizy asks if we can table and go to Agenda item 5 as Dr. DiBella has arrived. Board is in full agreement.

Statement of Interest Early Learning Center roof- Dr. DiBella present to discuss. Dr. DiBella informs board that Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger performed a thorough evaluation of the roof and found it to be “beyond its useful life” and repair is no longer an option.  TA Smith is meeting with this company next week along with Sue Rothermich and John Couture. The School Committee has already granted their approval to go forward with this process. Dr. DiBella is asking for the BOS to also grant approval for her to submit a Statement of Interest (SOI) to the MSBA for the roof. Dr. DiBella says reimbursement is around 51%. After brief discussion, all board members are in agreement that the roof is a major concern and must be replaced. Selectman Geraghty feels there are no other options, Selectman Fattman felt Dr. DiBella gave a lucid overview, Selectman Hebert agrees that we must go forward with this project, Selectman Hersom has toured the facility and witnessed the damage from the leaks, Selectman Chizy would like to see a pitched roof as he dislikes flat roofs. Hearing no further discussion, Selectman Hersom resolves: Having convened in an open meeting on Tuesday, September 30, 2008, the Board of Selectmen for the Town of Sutton, in accordance with its charter, by-laws, and ordinances, has voted to authorize the Superintendent to submit to the MSBA the statement of interest dated September 8, 2008 for the Early Learning Center located at 375 Boston Road, Sutton which describes and explains the following deficiencies and the priority category(s) for which Sutton may be invited to apply to the MSBA in the future Major Repair Project, Priority 1; and hereby further specifically acknowledges that by submitting the SOI, the MSBA in no way guarantees the acceptance or the approval of an application, the awarding of a grant or any other funding commitment from the MSBA, or commits the town to filing an application for funding with the MSBA; Selectman Fattman seconds all in favor passes 5-0  

Town Warrant review continues: TA Smith gives brief overview of each item; Article 3 is an amendment to the False Alarms, Selec. Hebert requests that if passed at Town Meeting, all business owners and residents with systems be notified of the by-law change as there are fee increases. Hearing no further discussion the board moves along to the next agenda item.  

Power Point Presentation on the Energy Star Challenge: TA Smith informs the board that last year the town spent $761,550. on utilities. By adopting the Energy Star Challenge there is an anticipated savings of 10% which would be around $76,000. TA Smith informs board that the town has already begun different ways of saving on energy by replacing regular light bulbs with the LED bulbs. Areas also to be addressed are replacing the boilers in the Town Hall with energy efficient models and the possibility of doing away with vending machines. TA Smith would like to form an Energy Efficiency Committee to look into ways the town can reduce energy usage. The committee will consist of 9-11 members made up of town employees and town residents. BOS all agree that Jim did an exceptional job in this presentation, all agree the savings of 10% is an attainable goal. Selectman Fattman motions to adopt the Energy Star challenge as well as the formation of an ad-hoc committee for Energy Efficiency, Selectman Hersom seconds, all in favor passes 5-0

TA Evaluation: Selectman Hersom reads the board averages for the 20 questions on the performance evaluation. The total score was 88.9. Selectman Geraghty feels Jim’s performance is at an extremely high level. Selectman Fattman calls him a breath of fresh air, Selectman Hebert feels Jim came in at a difficult time and has performed well. Hebert also comments on the local residents compliments regarding his high standard of professionalism. Selectman Chizy says Jim has done a tremendous job and the town is better off for it. TA Smith thanks the board and says he is honored with the high marks but attributes it in part to the department heads, staff and the great board of directors (BOS). Jim refers to Sutton as the gem of the Blackstone Valley

Town Administrator Update:
·       Chapter 43D Grant- reevaluating the application after hearing of reduction the amount per application
·       Waters Farm- Fire/Smoke alarm installed and is operational.
·       Tri-board meeting scheduled for November 3 at 7:00pm room 1A
Selec. Fattman
·       Waters Farm Weekend Oct. 4th & 5th
·       Meet Rep. Paul Frost Oct. 22nd at Bagels and Kabobs
·       Fall Festival at Marions Camp October 24th
·       Fundraiser at Dudley Gendron October 18th (David Mong)
Selec. Chizy
·       Breakfast at Senior Center October 3rd
·       Attended ribbon cutting at Purgatory for a playground
Round Table:
Selec. Geraghty
·       very challenging year with regards to state finances
Selec. Fattman
·       praise Sutton PD for posting cruiser on Wheelock/Singletary as cars going over speed limit
Selec. Hebert
·       fairly new yield sign on Wheelock
Selec Hersom
·       liked the BOS Sept. 10th meeting at the Senior Center, would like to see more

Hearing no further discussion, Selectman Fattman motions to adjourn the meeting, Selectman Hebert seconds the motion all in favor passes 5-0

8:47 p.m.

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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