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2009_11_03Board of Selectmen Minutes
Meeting Minutes--
Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on  11/17/2009   by a vote _3-0-1_

7:00 p.m. – November 03, 2009
Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
John Hebert, Chairman; Richard Herson, Vice-Chair Members Michael Chizy and Ryan Fattman

Also in Attendance:     James Smith, Town Administrator; Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Hebert calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Forum: Peter Viele of 150 Town Farm Road is present to thank the Town and the Cemetery Commission for a great job mowing the new Hough Road Soccer field. Peter said the Cemetery workers met every request.  
Selectman Hersom motions to approve October 22, 2009 minutes as presented, Selectman Fattman seconds passes 4-0
Selectman Fattman motions to approve and not to be released until a later date October 22, 2009 Executive Session Minutes, Selectman Chizy seconds passes 4-0
Prioritized list of Goals & Objectives: TA Smith was asked to prioritize the goals discussed at the Aug. 2009 meeting and present to the BOS. TA Smith provided the following 2 initiatives but stated it is with limited resources:
Shaw Farm- fly over complete awaiting aerials to develop base map. Would like to have conceptual plan in place by spring 2010.
Town wide master plan- work with Planning Board, process takes 12-18 months to complete.
Other projects that Jim continues to work on are cell tower coverage, Marion’s Camp and the green initiative.
The BOS all agree that the 2 areas Jim has listed as priority should be worked on and are very pleased with the outcome.

FY2011 Budget Process & Timeline: TA Smith presents the timeline for deliverables for the FY11 budget. Jim says that there is no beginning or end, the budget process is year round and FY11 will be another challenging year. Vice-Chair Hersom asks how the process is started without clear understanding of figures and numerous moving targets. Jim replies that the framework is set with the House 1 figures which are received in February. As seen with this fiscal year, cuts can continue to come in even after the budget is final.

Energy Star power point presentation:  TA Smith provides a 12 month update on the Energy Star Challenge. Jim is very pleased to present the results of a year long process. We are seeing a 20% reduction in lighting bills for the Town hall as well as street lights in town. This is due to being more aware of energy conservation as well as the street light conversion from mercury to sodium vapor light bulbs. The next step is the Solar Plan at the Early Learning Center. The complete system would cost 1.3 million but with the grants, credits and a small amount of borrowing it is feasible. Vice-Chair Hersom questions the life of the panels; Jim states that the life expectancy is 30 plus years. Chairman Hebert asks if they are insured, Jim responds that it would be included on the RFQ for this project. Jim goes on to discuss the Capital Plan Energy Policy. He would like to commit to at least 3% of the annual capital plan to Energy Efficient Projects. Selectman Chizy would like to see the 3% raised to 5%. Selectman Fattman asks if that would be doable. Jim responds that he feels it is. The presentation ends with a review of the 5 criteria steps for a green community.    

Use of Clean Energy Choice Funds: Jim informs the BOS that the Energy AdHoc Committee would like the funds from the Clean Energy Choice Funds amounting to $7649.84 applied toward the Solar project at the ELC. After a brief discussion,
Selectman Fattman motions to authorize the Chairman of the board to execute the contract with Massachusetts Technology Collaborative allowing for $7649.84 in grant funds to be applied to the solar project at the Early Learning Center, Selectman Hersom seconds, and passes 4-0

Sign Special Town Election Warrant & State Primary Warrant: TA Smith informs BOS that he will be requesting a transfer in the amount of $15,500.00 from the reserve fund to cover the 3 upcoming special elections. A reimbursement from the State is expected but only to cover the cost of the ballots (approximately $1800.00). Hearing no discussion, Selectman Fattman motions to sign the Special Election Warrant for the November 24th election and the State Primary Warrant for the December 8th election, Selectman Hersom seconds passes 4-0.

Town Administrator Update:
  • Tax rate approved by DOR at $12.32. Sutton was the 1st ¼ billing community in the State to have its rate approved.
  • Special Elections: November 24th and December 8th.
  • Budget Update: Local aid not hit with this cut, 5 million cut from Quinn Bill and some funds from special education.
  • Selectman Hersom discusses the fund set up for the Boston Road Fire and reminds all of the importance to get out and vote on the 24th
Round Table:
  • Selectman Chizy reminds residents of the Food Pantry with the holidays coming. Mike says 95% of the families that use the Food Pantry are young families with children. Mike also discusses the new Ethics Law and disagrees that volunteers should have to take this test. Mike would like TA Smith to send a firm letter to Boston showing our displeasure.
  • Selectman Hersom would like to add to Mikes comments regarding the new Ethics Law and extend to our delegation an invitation to come to our meeting and explain the rationale behind this unfunded mandate.  
  • Rich requests that a nice letter of thanks be written to the Energy Ad hoc committee. All agree
  • Selectman Fattman thanks all involved for the second annual Fall Fest at Marion’s Camp. Ryan also thanks the Hersom family for the donated prizes for the event.
Selectman Chizy motions to enter into Executive Session under MGL Chapter 39,  § 23B, #3 To discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining or litigation with the sole purpose of re entering the public meeting for sole purpose of adjourning, Selectman Hersom seconds passes 4-0

Meeting Adjourned 8:30pm

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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