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Board of Selectmen Minutes 4/20/2010
  Meeting Minutes--
Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on  May 4, 2010 by a vote  _3-0__   

       7:00 p.m. – April 20, 2010
Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
              John Hebert, Chairman; Richard Hersom, Vice-Chair, Kevin Geraghty, Clerk:  Members Michael Chizy & Ryan Fattman
Also in Attendance:     James Smith, Town Administrator; Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Hebert calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

No comments under Public Forum
Selectman Hersom motions to approve April 6, 2010 minutes as presented, Selectman Fattman seconds passes 4-0-1
Selectman Fattman motions to approve Executive Session minutes from April 6, 2010 but not to be released at this time. Selectman Chizy seconds passes 4-0-1
Selectman Hebert was absent at the April 6th meeting, he abstained from both motions

Sutton Youth Baseball and Arbor Day Proclamations presented and read by Selectman Geraghty

Continuation of Public Hearing from March 16, 2010 for a Class II license by Stanley Fleming dba Flemings Garage at 32 Boston Road, Sutton. TA Smith informs the Board that the Planning Board reviewed the use and approved the use with the following conditions: Maximum of 8 cars on site, Junk vehicles to be stored off site and the remainder of the lot north of the existing business must remain un-utilized. TA Smith goes on to say Building Commissioner John Couture has agreed to the conditions set forth by Planning. Hearing no comments Selectman Hersom motions to approve the Class II license by Stanley Fleming dba Flemings Garage at 32 Boston Road with the restrictions as proposed by the Town, Selectman Fattman seconds passes 5-0

Presentation of Solar Feasibility Study: Stephanie O’Brien representing Ostrow Electric as well as Kially Ruiz, President of Aquinergy are present to discuss the feasibility studies on this project. TA Smith begins by saying 2 feasibility studies had been performed to make sure this project makes sense for the Town of Sutton. Mr. Ruiz gave a brief background history of his company and his education in this field. Mr. Ruiz confirms that the ELC is a good location for this project and confirms that the roof can support the Solar PV project. The project cost is estimated at $835,000.00 but a portion will be covered by grants. Mr. Ruiz discusses Renewable Energy Certificates, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC), various pricing determined by DOER & Suttons Eligibility of the Solar Carve-Out from MA Renewable Energy Trust. Also discussed where the environmental attributes, a 20 year forecast and the financial viability. TA Smith says that this will go before the Town at Mays Town Meeting for authorization, it is not a debt exclusion, it will be paid off from its savings. The Board thanks both Stephanie and Kielly for the thorough presentation. When asked if they will be available at Town Meeting to answer questions, Stephanie replies that she will make herself available if needed.

Review & Sign May Town Meeting Warrant and May Town Election Warrant: TA Smith reviews the May Town Meeting Warrant, hearing no comments Selectman Fattman motions to approve and sign the May Annual Town Meeting Warrant as presented, Selectman Hersom seconds passes 5-0
TA Smith reviews the May Town Election Warrant: Jim informs Board that they must vote for Question 1 to be placed on the ballet which is 2 ½ debt exclusion to pay for the new Middle School/High School project. A 2/3rds vote is needed which in a 5 member board would be 4 in favor. Jim discusses the difference between a proposition 2 ½ which is the ability for a town to permanently increase taxes and a 2 ½ debt exclusion which raises the taxes on a temporary basis until the debt is paid. Selectman Chizy says that he will not vote yes for Qustion 1 and lists the following reasons:
  • Too much money, 60 million to upgrade school, other towns are paying around 40 million.
  • School is currently having difficulty dealing with finances, this will add to the problem
  • We have helped school with computers, HVAC, books, the town needs help with Police and Highway facility
  • Lack of maintenance on school buildings must be addressed
Selectman Geraghty believes it is not up to the BOS to have the ability to say yes or no to this going before the town. The residents should be able to cast their votes. Kevin adds the following comments:
  • other towns currently in this process are not building 2 schools, they are only building 1
  • Sutton faces sewer and water issues.
  •  Kevin does agree that maintenance issues must be addressed.  
Selectman Fattman is in total agreement that this vote should go to the residents to decide and offers the following:
  • Good group has worked on this for over 6 years
  • Agrees timing of project not the best with the bad economy but interest rates and material costs are at their lowest
  • Energy efficiency with new buildings
  • Current Debt roll off makes project more palatable
  • Property values will increase
Selectman Hersom agrees that this vote should not be kept from the residents and says the following:
  • Fully supports this project
  • Economy is tough but the timing is right
  • Voting for this will be doing the right thing for the Town of Sutton
  • There is a time to act and a time to do nothing; this is the time to act.
Selectman Hebert:
  • Approves this project
  • A return rate of .55 cents on a dollar
  • Project manager is a great step
  • There is a responsibility to do this for the people in Sutton
Hearing no further comments Selectman Fattman motions to approve placement of the New Middle School/High School proposition 2 ½ debt exclusion question on the May 25th election ballot, Selectman Hersom seconds Selectmen Hebert and Geraghty vote yes, Selectman Chizy votes no: motion passes 4-1

Police Union Amended Contract:
TA Smith briefs the BOS that due to the educational incentive known as the Quinn Bill which was reimbursed by 50% from the State was no longer being funded; he felt the need to protect our existing officers. In doing this, other concessions from the Police Union were agreed upon.        New officers coming in to town will get an educational stipend. For FY11 there will be no base wage increase, FY12 the base wage will increase 1%. In addition there will be a $450.00 decrease in clothing allowance and new language regarding an employee’s separation from the department and the return of town owned property. Selectman Chizy feels TA Smith and the Police worked this out well and solved a great problem. Selectman Geraghty feels that by TA Smith establishing trust with employees and a history of dealing in good faith helped. Both Selectmen Fattman and Hersom say thank you to Jim and the Police Dept. Selectman Hebert states it is not the officer’s fault that the State chose to not fund this program any longer, this was a good move. Selectman Chizy motions to approve the memorandum of agreement between the Town of Sutton and Sutton Police Sergeants’ and Patrolmen’s Association amending the existing collective bargaining agreement, Selectman Fattman seconds passes 5-0

TA Update:
  • Route 146 Roadway & water main project: Bid opening on Wednesday, April 21st. This is being paid for out of the MORE funds  
  • Marions Camp: going out to bid for parking lot pavement, drainage and beach access improvements. Bid opening is May 13th, 2010
Auction of 134 Dodge Hill Road and 86 Duval Road: contract with Zekos has been signed
Opticom: system has been installed, currently working to equip emergency vehicles with transponders.
  • Middle School/High School Public Forum: Scheduled for Thursday April 29th.
  • Fundraiser for Food Pantry Construction: COA Director Michelle Edelstein is in charge of this to try and raise funds to put an addition on for the Food Pantry.
Selectman Chizy announces that there will be a Ham and Bean supper on April 24th at the Senior Center and Friday, May 7th  8-9am there will be a breakfast at the Senior Center.

Round Table:
Selectman Fattman clarifies a comment that was in the Millbury Sutton Chronicle in regards to the additional $145,000.00 recently awarded to Marions Camp. He has complete support for the project but was surprised with the budget cuts that funding for recreational purposes was available.
Selectman Chizy motions to adjourn the meeting, Selectman Hersom seconds passes 5-0

Meeting Adjourned 8:45 pm

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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