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Board of Selectmen Minutes 8/3/2010
  Meeting Minutes--

Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on 8/17/10 by a vote  3-0-2   
                                                (Selectmen Hersom & Fattman abstain due to not attending this meeting)  

       7:00 p.m. – August 3, 2010
Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
                      Kevin Geraghty, Acting Chairman, Michael Chizy, Clerk and John Hebert, Member
                (Chairman Richard Hersom and member Ryan Fattman are absent)
Also in Attendance:     James Smith, Town Administrator; Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Geraghty calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Forum: No comments
BOS minutes from 7/20/2010:  Selectman Chizy motions to approve as presented, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 3-0    
Eagle Scout Proclamation:
Taylor C’Leon Dimmick is present to receive a proclamation on behalf of the BOS for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. His project was the cleanup of 2 trails and painting of 30 signs at the Shaw Farm. The BOS all commend Taylor on his volunteerism. Selectman Geraghty appreciates that Taylor used the words “we” and “team”. Kevin says that is a testament to what Taylor has learned. Taylor will have a celebration on August 22nd at St. Marks Church.   

Appointment of Mark Bailey to the School Building Committee: TA Smith informs the BOS Mark will fill the vacant position that Christine Watkins left. TA Smith thanks Christine for her years of service on the SBC and goes on to say that it will be good to have Mark on the board to gain insight from a teacher’s point of view. Selectman Chizy says he will be glad to appoint Mark; he has been a resident of Sutton for many years. Selectman Hebert says that Mark is always a gentleman and he is also a good man. Selectman Geraghty agrees with all that has been said and feels he will be a good resource. Selectman Chizy motions to appoint Mark Bailey to the School Building Committee, Selectman Hebert seconds all in favor passes 3-0   

Appointment of Associate Planning Board member: Jim informs the BOS that 2 candidates were interviewed for the vacant seat left by Wayne Whittier that moved up on the Planning Board. The applicants, Jonathan Anderson and Todd Lornell interviewed very well but the Planning Board chose Jonathan Anderson due to his years of service and experience on the Historical Commission (10 years). Jonathan Anderson is present and thanks the BOS for his past and present appointments. Jon goes on to say that he feels the Planning Board has a big impact on the Town and is happy to serve on it. Selectman Geraghty says that Todd Lornell is a wonderful guy and would like to find a place for his talents. Selectman Chizy motions to appoint Jonathan Anderson to the Associate Planning Board position, Selectman Hebert seconds all in favor passes 3-0  

Blackstone Valley Economic Development Council Update: Jen Hager and Joe Delisio are present. Jen Hager (Town Planner and one of the directors for the BVEDC) begins by updating the BOS on the progress made by the council. Jen says that the 3 areas focused on are a web site, dues structure and membership. Joe Delisio, president of the council says he is here to remind municipalities and the private sector the importance of the group. Out of the 13 towns in the Blackstone Valley there are 5 towns currently committed to the council. Joe extends his appreciation to TA Smith for his hard work. Joe goes on to say the 3 primary missions for the council are to increase revenues, improve and bring in new jobs and preserve land and life styles for the Blackstone Valley.  Joe is encouraged with the MA Senate bill#2380. He is discouraged with the lack of motivation but says it is early in the process for a long game plan. The BOS all thank Jen and Joe for the update and hard work.

Commencement of Master Plan: TA Smith gives a brief power point presentation on the Master Plan that was established last year at the Goals & Objectives meeting. Jim said that a Master Plan gives vision to a town. On July 12, 2010 the Planning Board voted to initiate the Master Plan and update the process. The Master Plan was started in 1990/1991 and adopted in 1992. A lot of the projects listed 20 years ago such as Marion’s Camp and the Manchaug Village renovations have become a reality. TA Smith says there must be a committee of volunteers to meet and focus on moving forward. Selectman Chizy would like a member from the BOS to sit on the committee, Selectman Hebert hopes that the new vision is as successful as the vision from 20 years ago.

State Primary Election Warrant read by BOS clerk Michael Chizy. Selectman Chizy motions to approve signing, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 3-0  
Town Administrator Update:
  • Police Dispatcher Grant: $22,000.00 will be used to supplement dispatcher salaries. Possibly will be able to hire another patrolman. Selectman Geraghty would like to see the patrolman position filled.
  • Library Grant: $20,000.00 for ‘tween & teen programming.
  • Marion’s Camp Bid: opening Wed. Aug 4th @ 11:00
  • Fire Quint: received shipment, thanks to Paul Maynard and Knick for assistance
  • Windows @ Manchaug Library: all windows have been replaced thanks to John Couture(he installed all windows)
  • Manchaug Pond Tour: Aug 11 @ 3pm or Aug 16 @ 3pm pole the absent BOS
  • 134 Dodge Hill Road & 86 Duval Road both percs complete auction to be held in September
  • Cell Tower RFPs to be available Wed. August 18 with a bid opening of Sept. 16th @ 11:00am
  • Sutton Housing Authority resignation: Josephine Zanella is moving and must resign from the position
  • Request for use of metal detector at 16 Uxbridge. K&P advises BOS have a policy in place due to liability issues
  • Fri. Oct 8th Town Golf Tournament for Charity
  • Annual Board retreat for goals & objectives Aug 31st @ 5:30
        No news
Round Table:
Selectman Chizy thanks the people in Sutton for being so generous to the Food Pantry. This past week they had 14 families use the Food Pantry. The need for donations is greater now than ever.
Selectman Hebert would like to thank the Garden Club for the flowers at the Band Stand.

Hearing no further discussions, Selectman Chizy motions to adjourn the meeting, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 3-0

Meeting Adjourned 8:25 pm

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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