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09/21/2010 Board of Selectmen Minutes
  Meeting Minutes--

Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on 10/05/10 by a vote _3-0   
                                                 Selectmen Hersom & Fattman are absent  

       7:00 p.m. – September 21, 2010
Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
               Chairman Richard Hersom, Vice-Chair Kevin Geraghty, Clerk Michael Chizy, and Members John Hebert & Ryan Fattman  
Also in Attendance:     James Smith, Town Administrator; Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Hersom calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Forum: No comments
BOS minutes from 9/7/2010:  Selectman Fattman motions to approve as presented, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 5-0    
Chairman Hersom calls the School Committee to the table for the next agenda item. Appointment to the School Committee  
Present for the School Committee are Liisa Locurto, Kristen Feifert Clark and Jesse Limanek.  Liisa Locurto calls the School Committee meeting to order at 7:02pm: Chairman Hersom asks Nathan Jerome to join the meeting. Nate is the candidate for the position left vacant by Tracy Zuliani. Nate gives a brief background introducing himself to the boards. Selectman Chizy thanks him for volunteering. Selectman Geraghty asks Nate what he feels his role will be on the school committee. Nate replies that it is to facilitate improvement and to also sense what priorities are most important. Nate adds that with a new school to be built as well as a new Superintendent he is ready to do what he can. Selectmen Fattman & Hebert both offer their thanks for Nate stepping up to fill the vacant position. Chairman Hersom echoes all said and goes on to say he is looking forward to offering his support to Nate and the School Committee, he goes on to say Nate is filling a big pair of shoes with the departure of Tracy Zuliani. Rick offers Tracy thanks for her years of service. Chairman Hersom turns the meeting over to the School Committee, Kristen Clark tells Nate to be prepared, there is a lot to learn. Jesse Limanek says it is a lot more than you expect it to be, you will learn a lot. Liisa Locurto says you will learn a lot in the first year. Hearing no further comments, Selectman Fattman motions to appoint Nathan Jerome of 47 Dodge Hill to the Sutton School Committee until the next scheduled Town election in May 2011, Selectman Geraghty seconds passes 5-0. 7:06 pm Chairperson Locurto motions to adjourn the School Committee meeting, Jesse Limanek 2nds passes 3-0

Selectman Chizy reads the Public Hearing as advertised in the Millbury Sutton Chronicle Sept 9th, 2010. Selectman Fattman motions to open the Public hearing, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 5-0.  Present from the Assessor’s office is Robert Nunnemacher and RJ Nichols, head assessor Joyce Sardagnola is in the audience. TA Smith begins the discussion by stating that the BOS have the decision to continue the single tax rate of 1.0,  Jim turns the meeting over to Robert Nunnemacher. Mr. Nunnemacher goes on to say that Sutton historically has had a single tax rate for all classes of property. The choice is to continue with a single rate or a split rate for residential/open space and commercial/industrial /personal property. The new tax rate if approved by DOR would be $13.25 per thousand. Chairman Hersom opens the Public Hearing for discussion: Selectman Chizy feels it would be best to keep one tax rate to welcome new business into town. This shows we are being receptive to new growth.  Selectman Geraghty concurs with Chizy. Selectman Fattman feels we should keep the single tax, Selectman Hebert agrees with the single tax rate and goes on to say with the state of the economy this would invite business into town. Chairman Hersom agrees with the single tax rate but asks at what point would you shift to a split tax rate. TA Smith replies that is a philosophical question. Jim goes on to say the town needs a solid base before that would happen. Route 146 is not at its build out capacity. We are feeling the benefits of some of the existing companies that are coming off of their TIF agreements but we need to bring in more businesses. Hearing no further comments Selectman Chizy motions to close the Public Hearing, Selectman Fattman seconds passes 5-0. Selectman Fattman motions to adopt a single tax factor of 1.0 for Fiscal Year 2011 Selectman Hebert seconds passes 5-0

The BOS along with TA Smith review the warrant for the Fall Town Meeting. This Warrant will come before the BOS on October 5th for their approval. Any question on Planning Board items will be addressed by Planning Director Jen Hager. Selectman Geraghty does have a few questions for the Planning Director.

Time Capsule for new Middle School/High School: TA Smith says that this was brought up at the last BOS meeting by Selectman Mike Chizy. This would be a town wide time capsule at the new school. The School Committee is scheduled to discuss at their next meeting. All agree this is a great idea. Jim goes on to say a board will be established to give clear direction. Jim has already spoken to Jon Winniker (SBS) and he has worked on other school projects that have included time capsules. Selectman Geraghty says this is a fantastic idea, details must be ironed out. It would be good to have 2, a fifty year and a 100 year. Kevin goes on to say this time capsule would not be for us, it would be for the generation that opens it. Selectman Fattman loves the idea Selectman Hebert says this is a good thing. Chairman Hersom offers his total support for this project saying this is great for the community and thanks Mike for the idea. Selectman Chizy motions to place a Town-wide Time Capsule at the new Middle School/High School and to further direct the Town Administrator to work with the school building committee and School Department to form an ad-hoc committee of town and school representatives to plan and organize the Town-wide Time capsule, Selectman Fattman seconds passes 5-0

Evaluation of Town Administrator James Smith: Clerk of the BOS Mike Chizy reads the evaluations as presented. Jim receives an overall score of 96.66 out of 100. Comments by the BOS are read by each member. All agree that Jim is a true asset to the Town and his performance has been that of consistency. All agree that his leadership is exceptional. Under weaknesses there was none other than the reminder to take more time off and to improve his golf game. TA Smith thanks the BOS for the review and says it is an honor and privilege to serve the town. The BOS, Dept Heads and the hard working employees in town make up a true team effort.  Selectman Chizy explains his thought process in his review scores. He says when you give him a 5 (the highest #) there is nowhere to go from there. Mike commends Jim on his performance and said out of all the TAs prior Jim is the one he would give a 5 to.
Town Administrator Update:
  • State Budget Picture- Too early to discuss but does not look promising.
  • 134 Dodge Hill Rd & 86 Duval Road- Auction scheduled for 9/30/10 in the Wally Johnson meeting room
  • Cell Tower RFP- the 1 response was found to not be responsive. New RFP out next Wednesday (9/29/10)
  • Sutton Housing Authority Resignation- The 2nd resignation was received from Arline Stratford. The vacancy will be posted and brought before the BOS at the next meeting for appointments.
  • Tricentennial Park Dedication- Dedication ceremony scheduled for Wed., October 6th at 4pm
  • Painting of Rufus Putnam Museum- Sheriff’s office began on 9/20 under supervision of John Couture. Prior to start of painting, Ken Warchol removed a large bee hive from the soffit of the building.
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits- went out to bid (RFI) looking to market out SRECS
        Selectman Hebert mentions the passing of Fran Gattos grandson (Fran sat on several boards in town)
Round Table:
Selectman Chizy- Food Pantry needs the following: bathroom supplies, diapers, canned meats. Any donations welcomed.  
Selectman Hersom- reads an invitation from the Ancient Order of Hibernians for an Irish heritage exhibit on Oct. 16th

Selectman Chizy motions to adjourn Selectman Fattman seconds passes 5-0
Meeting Adjourned 8:25 pm

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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