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Board of Selectmen Minutes 11/16/2010
  Meeting Minutes--

Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on 12/21/2010 by a vote 5-0

       7:00 p.m. – November 16, 2010
Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
               Chairman Richard Hersom, Vice-Chair Kevin Geraghty, Clerk Michael Chizy, and Members John Hebert & Ryan Fattman                  
Also in Attendance:     James Smith, Town Administrator; Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Hersom calls the meeting to order at 7:10 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
A moment of silence is called for Michael Ellsessar and his family (Michael died 11/15 during a football game, he was 16yrs old)

Public Forum: No comments

BOS minutes from 10/16/2010:  Selectman Fattman motions to approve as presented, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 5-0

Holiday Opening Schedule for all Alcohol License holders: after review, Selectman Fattman motions to approve as presented, Selectman Geraghty seconds passes 5-0

Board of Selectmen meeting schedule for 2011: TA Smith says that the list shows BOS meetings on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month. The BOS question if July 5th is too close to a holiday as well as Sept. 6th. The Board all agreed to change the dates as they feel appropriate.

Execution of Closing Documents on Town Farm Road: TA Smith says this has been a work in progress since the Whittier APR was executed. He goes on to say it was a pleasure working with Wayne Whittier who was the representative for the Whittier property. TA Smith says the purchase price is $24,000.00 for 6.08 acres of land. This land is for cellular / public safety telecommunications tower. Jim also reviews the reverter clause after a 20 year period. Selectman Chizy asks if there is a mechanism in place so that after 20 years someone remembers the reverter clause. TA Smith says it is up to the owner of the property to approach the town. TA Smith goes on to say that the base rent alone will pay Suttons portion of the APR. Additional revenues will be an added benefit to our town. Selectman Chizy thanks the Whittier family and TA Jim Smith for thinking outside of the box, good job. Selectman Geraghty asks about the 20 year reverter clause, Kevin goes on to say it is a good agreement. Selectman Fattman says it is wonderful and commends TA Smith on a good job. Chairman Hersom asks if after the 20 year period, if the Whittier’s get the land back is there an APR on the 6.08 acres. TA Smith responds, no, the APR does not include that land; it could be a single family house lot. Hearing no further discussion, Selectman Fattman motions to purchase 6.08 acres at 150 Town Farm Road for the purpose of Cell Tower & Public Safety Communications as authorized by Town Meeting on October 19, 2009 Selectman Geraghty seconds passes 5-0  

Town Administrator Update:
  • Sale of Surplus Property: $5155.00 received not including what has been sold on (Police Dept)
  • Cell Tower RFP: 3 proposals submitted all strong proposals. Have not yet awarded but Wireless Edge is the leader.
  • Free Cash: received approval from DOR certifying Free Cash
  • MORE project update: 1.1 million dollar Rt. 146N nearing completion. Thanks go out to Jen Hager
  • Rufus Putnam Museum painting: thank the Sheriff’s office as well as John Couture for going above and beyond.
  • Marion’s Camp: project near completion for the season. Kazowski Brothers did a great job
  • Solar Project: in the process of interconnecting with NGrid and conducting final commissioning.
  • Energy Audit at the 3 Fire Dept.: Prism Energy is retrofitting light fixtures for energy reduction
  • Credit Card Payment @ Treasurers office: payments for transactions that can be done online will now be able to be paid using a credit card, the cost of the service will be incurred by the taxpayer using the service.
  • Master Plan Committee were appointed at the 11/8 Planning Board meeting
  • Cheryl Rawinski, Public Health Nurse was awarded the Public Health Nurses award at the Massachusetts Health Officers Assoc. annual conference.
Selectman Chizy: reminds residents of the Dec 4th annual Chain of Lights as well as the annual Christmas Parade in  Manchaug center on Dec 3rd at 6pm. Mike also informs residents to be leery with phone calls concerning credit or debit cards. There are scams currently going on in the area.
Selectman Geraghty: offers congratulations to the Boys & Girls Soccer teams as well as the Volley Ball team. Also mentioned was the Lions Club speech contest to be held in the High School cafeteria on Monday, November 22nd @ 7:00pm
Round Table:
        Selectman Geraghty offers Selectman Fattman congratulations on his recent election to State Rep.

Selectman Fattman informs the BOS that he will submit his resignation on January 4th effective May 23rd 2011. This way the town does not have to cover expenses for a special election.

At this time, Chairman Hersom declares the BOS will enter into Executive Session under M.G.L. Chapter 30A §21 #3 with the sole
purpose of reconvening into open meeting for the sole purpose of adjournment Selectman Chizy seconds passes 5-0
               Chairman Richard Hersom (“1”)
                Vice-Chair Kevin Geraghty (“I”)
                Selectman Michael Chizy (“I”)
                Selectman John Hebert (“I”)
                Selectman Ryan Fattman (“I”)
8:25 pm
Meeting reconvenes Selectman Chizy motions for Adjournment, Selectman Fattman seconds all in favor 5-0

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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