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05/17/2011BOS Meeting Minutes
  Meeting Minutes--

Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on  6/07/2011 by a vote 4-0-1_  
                Selectman Stuart abstains as this is his first meeting (her has filled the vacant seat left by Selectman Fattman)  

                                                 7:00 p.m. – May 17, 2011
                                        Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room

Members in Attendance:                           
              Chairman Richard Hersom, Vice-Chair Kevin Geraghty, Clerk Michael Chizy, and Members John Hebert & Ryan Fattman  
Also in Attendance:     Tim Harrison Temporary Town Administrator & Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Hersom calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

No Comments under Public Forum

Approval of Minutes: Selectman Geraghty motions to approve as presented May 3, 2011 minutes, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 3-0 (Selectman Hersom and Fattman abstain as they were not at the 5/3 meeting

Appointment of Michael McGovern as Zoning Board Alternate: Mike McGovern introduces himself to the BOS, He has been a resident for 6 years in Sutton previously he lived in Millbury and was on the Millbury Zoning Board. Mike feels he has a lot to offer the Zoning board as he has a great understanding of the job. The BOS have no questions but all offer their thanks for stepping up and volunteering. Selectman Geraghty motions to appoint Michael McGovern as an alternate member to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a 3 year term, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 5-0

Energy Reduction Plan presented by Planning Director Jen Hager: Jen begins by saying one of Jim Smiths major goals for this year is to adopt an Energy Adoption Plan.  The base year is 2008; this plan must show over a 5 year period a 20% reduction in energy consumption.  Besides the BOS, the School Committee must also adopt this Energy Reduction Plan. Jen reviewed and then input the extensive data into tables to calculate the savings. Selectmen Chizy says this is a very good plan, a lot of work went into this and it will be well worth it. Selectman Geraghty says this report is really sound; Kevin whole heartedly endorses the plan as it shows the town is focused on economy and efficiency. Selectman Fattman says this is a lot to be proud of, the town is heading in the right direction. Selectman Hebert says Sutton is one of the 1st towns in our area to endorse, John thanks Jim Smith for the positive direction we are going in. Chairman Hersom says this was on Mike Chizys list at a Goals & Objectives meeting 2-3 years ago. Rick whole heartedly endorses as well. Hearing no further comments, Selectman Chizy motions to adopt the Energy Reduction Plan committing to a minimum of 20% energy use reduction over a 5 year period, Selectman Fattman seconds passes 5-0

Ambulance Contract Update presented by Fire Chief Paul Maynard: Police Chief Dennis Towle is present along with Fire Chief Maynard. Chief Maynard says the town is almost ready to sign an ambulance contract with Alert. 4 responses were received, after careful review 2 responses were pushed forward. The choice was between Alert and Action. After many hours of meetings, Chief Maynard feels we are getting a good contract with a cost of $70,000.00 for the first year. Alert will provide 3 dedicated ambulances, one per town for Sutton, Grafton and Millbury. In Sutton and Grafton there will be 1 Para Medic and 1 EMT, Millbury will get 2 Para Medics. There are still a few things up in the air such as in year 2 there will be a mandatory protocol in place (Emergency Medical Dispatch) the price tag may be as high as $10,000.00. Mr. Morse, owner of Alert will be meeting with the 3 towns separately to discuss issues that pertain to each town. Chief Towle gave kudos to Chief Maynard for the hours spent on these negations. Chief Towle went on to say he feels we are getting a good contract. Selectman Chizy offers his thanks to the Ambulance committee for the time spent reviewing the contracts, Mike is well satisfied. Selectman Hebert thanks the 2 chiefs for the countless hours spent on the negotiations, John stated it was imperative to have the 3 towns all agree on the provider. John went on to say this contract is $6,000.00 less then what was budgeted and it is a plus to have a dedicated ambulance in Sutton for its residents as well as those just passing through. John does feel that in year 2 the Emergency Medical Dispatch should be paid by the ambulance company. Chairman Hersom thanks the chiefs for their participation in the contract negotiations; Rick is looking forward to getting this contract signed.

FY12 Budget Update: Tim Harrison says that the Town passed a balanced budget last week and with the Ambulance contract coming in below the budgeted line item the budget remains balanced. Chairman Hersom asks Tim to update the BOS on the Health Care cost. Tim states that he met with Jim Smith and both agreed that for the next budget season we may have to look at different scenarios such as deductibles and co pays. Tim said that he did meet with our MIIA rep as well as getting prices from another company. MIIA met the other company’s price which saved the Town $34,000.00.

Town Administrators Office Update:
  • A former Sutton resident has made a generous donation of $75,000.00 for the Food Pantry Expansion.
  • Green Line Velo held a bike race through town last year, they have donated $2500.00 towards the Solar Project
  • Photovoltaic Ribbon Cutting was held yesterday at the ELC, it was a success
  • Contract for Haying Shaw Farm has been awarded to George Kowszik
  • Sch Committee Chair Liisa Locurto has announced Jesse Liminek has resigned from the Sch Committee
  • Modular Classroom work has started at the school
  • Memorial Day Parade to be held on Monday May 30th (11 am from the common to the school & 2pm from Bousquets to Mateychuk post
Board of Selectmen Announcements
  • Selectman  Hebert reminds all it is graduation time, remind seniors about drinking and driving
  • Selectman Hersom reminds all voters that Tuesday, May 24th is Town Elections: Come out and vote.  
Board of Selectmen Round Table:
  • Selectman  Geraghty said the Solar Ribbon cutting was a very nice ceremony, spoke of the wonderful song the 5th grade class performed
  • Selectman Fattman informed all that tonight is his last meeting. Ryan went on to say the last 5 years have been an absolute pleasure he offered his profound gratitude and reminisced about his first meeting when he was presented with a rattle by former BOS Mike Frustaci.
  • Selectman Hersom thanks Ryan for the BOS and says he has done us proud. Rick wishes Ryan all the best in his future endeavors.
Hearing no further discussion Selectman Fattman motions to adjourn the meeting, Selectman Hebert 2nds passes 5-0

Meeting Adjourned 7:30pm        

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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