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06/7/2011 BOS Meeting Minutes
  Meeting Minutes--

Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on 6/21/11 by a vote of 5-0  

                                                 7:00 p.m. – June 07, 2011
                                        Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room

Members in Attendance:                           
              Chairman Richard Hersom, Vice-Chair Kevin Geraghty, Clerk Michael Chizy, and Members John Hebert & Kenneth Stuart  
Also in Attendance:     Tim Harrison Temporary Town Administrator & Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Hersom calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

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At this time Chairman Hersom extends a welcome to our new Selectman Ken Stuart. Selectman Stuart thanks Rick for his words and says he looks forward to moving the town forward in a positive manner as well as Jim Smiths return.

Approval of Minutes: Selectman Geraghty motions to approve as presented May 17, 2011 minutes, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 4-0-1 (Selectman Stuart abstains as he is newly appointed and was not present at the 5/17/11 meeting).

Proclamation for Myasthenia Gravis Month: Selectman Geraghty reads the proclamation. Bob Deboer is present to accept the annual proclamation and deliver it to the State House. Bob states that Sutton is one of 2-3 towns across Massachusetts that annually acknowledges MG. This awareness helps with funding at state level to educate individuals on MG.  Bob thanks the BOS for their continued support.  

Certificate of Recognition for Eagle Scout Joshua Robert McDuffe:  Selectman Chizy reads the recognition. Joshua is present to accept the certificate. Joshua says his Eagle Scout project was to paint the downstairs of St. Marks Church and repair the broken accordion doors. The BOS all offer their thanks for his project and wish him well.

Board of Selectmen reorganization: Chairman Hersom takes this time to thank each of his colleagues for their support. Rick goes on to say it is an incredible board and they all work together well. Rick also extends a heartfelt thank you to the Dept heads that have stepped up during the past few months with the Town Administrators absence.
At this time Selectman Chizy motions to nominate Kevin Geraghty to Chairman of the BOS; Selectman Hebert seconds passes 5-0
Selectman Geraghty motions to nominate Mike Chizy to the Vice-Chair of the BOS; Selectman Hebert seconds passes 5-0
Selectman Chizy motions to nominate John Hebert to Clerk of the BOS; Selectman Geraghty seconds passes 5-0
Selectman Chizy commends Rick on a job well done, Selectman Geraghty feels Rick has done a strong job; he took control and worked with Dept Heads and Tim. Kevin would like to recognize Rick for showing leadership for the town during the TA absence.  
Appointment of Jesse Limanek to the School Committee:  Jesse Limanek of 3 Merrill Road is present along with School Committee members Liisa Locurto and Nate Jerome. Jesses addresses the BOS, he resigned last month as he was applying for a job at the school. He did not get the job so he wishes to rejoin the School Committee. Liisa Locurto says she is thrilled Jesses wishes to get back onto the School Committee, he brought a lot to the seat. Hearing no discussion, Selectman Hersom motions to appoint Jesse Limanek to the School Committee, Selectman Chizy seconds passes 7-0 (Liisa Locurto &  Nate Gerome voted).

Approve notification to Charter on Commencement of Formal Renewal Proceedings: Cable Coordinator Pam Nichols is present. Pam informs the BOS that this is a step in the process to renew Charter. There will be Public Hearings as well as on line surveys for residents to offer comments. This was a 10 year contract which is set to expire in 2012. Pam states there have been a lot of changes since this was put in place almost 10 years ago. Selectman Chizy thanks Pam and Tim for their work on this. Selectman Stuart motions to approve notification to Charter of Formal Renewal proceedings; Selectman Hersom seconds passes 5-0 (letter signed)

Consent to Kopelman & Paige for dual representation for proposed Inter Municipal Agreement:  Cheryl Rawinski is present to answer any questions. Tim Harrison states this is a formal process as K&P represents both towns. This consent allows K&P to act on behalf of both towns. Hearing no discussion Selectman Hersom motions to consent to Kopelman & Paige for dual representation for the Inter Municipal Agreement with the Town of Millbury for nursing services; Selectman Stuart seconds passes 5-0

Update Fuel Efficient Policy: Planning Director Jen Hager is present and informs the BOS this is only an update as to what had previously been adopted as guidelines have changed for fuel efficient vehicles. This will accompany the submittal due to the Green Communities Division by this Friday. Hearing no discussion, Selectman Chizy motions to adopt the updated Fuel Efficient Policy; Selectman Hebert seconds passes 5-0
Town Administrators Office Update:
  • 6/2/11 the Fire Dept sent a truck w/ 5 firefighters out to Springfield to deal with destruction left by the tornados
  • Jim Smith has continued to work with Town Council regarding the proposed cell tower lease
  • 6/17/11 Congressman O’Neil will recognize Garrett Amorello for acceptance into West Point Academy
  • Sch Building Committee awarded general contractor to TLT/ we have been notified there is a bid protest pending.
  • 6/12/11 Green Line Velo will be having a bike race in town, all proceeds to go to the Sutton Food Pantry
Board of Selectmen Announcements:
  • Selectman Chizy reads a letter from the Whittier family inviting residents to join them on June 12th for a day of activities at the farm
  • Selectman Hebert thanks the Whittier’s for their continued partnership with the town; John also thanks Ron Rucci for allowing us use of his electric car for the Memorial Day Parade.
  • Selectman Stuart offers condolences for those affected by last week’s tornado.  Ken mentions the town wide yard sale to be held this Saturday at the Congressional Church. At the yard sale there will be a benefit bake sale for Malia Jusczyk. She is a 2 year old inflicted with cancer.
Board of Selectmen Round Table:
  • Selectman Chizy thanks all involved with the Memorial Day Parade. Special thanks to Mary Whittier and Deb Jacques for their continued dedication.
  • Selectman Hebert would like to start discussions to change the 2 scheduled Memorial Day Parades (Sutton Center & Manchaug center) to 1 joint parade to be held in the center. John goes on to say the reason behind this is Mateychuk Post is closed, many of the 390 members have joined post 414 (Dudley Gendron). John feels one parade would join the 2 parts of town and draw a larger crowd.
  • Selectman Hersom says it is always tough to change tradition but Rick does support the idea of 1 parade
  • Selectman Hersom had the 3rd grade class at the Town Hall today giving them a tour of the building. Rick thanked the Dept Heads that participated.
  • Selectman Geraghty says he supports the idea of holding discussions on the parade and making a sensible decision.
Hearing no further discussion Selectman Chizy motions to adjourn the meeting, Selectman Hebert 2nds passes 5-0

Meeting Adjourned 7:40pm        

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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