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06/15/2011 BOS Meeting Minuutes
  Meeting Minutes--

Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on-6/21/11  by a vote  4-0-1  
                                                (Selectman Hebert abstained as he was not at the meeting on the 15th)

                                                3:00 p.m. – June 15, 2011
                                            Sutton Town Hall, Town Clerks Office
                                             Meeting of the Board of Selectmen

Members in Attendance:                           
             Chairman Kevin Geraghty, Vice Chair Michael Chizy, Members Richard Hersom &  Kenneth Stuart  
Also in Attendance:
        Laura Caruso, Town Clerk & Debbie Jacques Administrative Secretary

Chairman Geraghty calls the meeting to order at 3:00pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

No comments under Public Forum

The previous Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes will be presented at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Laura Caruso explains that this meeting is to discuss precinct planning for the Town of Sutton.  Laura begins the discussion by thanking the BOS for coming in on short notice. Laura states that this re-precincting/redistricting plan is due to the results obtained from the 2010 census. The new format presents itself like a deed showing boundaries and roads.  Selectman Hersom asks what has changed for the Town of Sutton, Laura says nothing.  Laura does state that the population listed is 8963 which she feels is low. Selectman Geraghty asks what is missing, Laura replies that when the census is mailed out, it does not go to P.O. Boxes which in Sutton results to 1300-1500 families.  Selectman Stuart asks if that is a problem, Selectman Geraghty responds being counted low is not good. Hearing no further comments Selectman Hersom motions to accept as presented by the Town Clerk, the 2011 Re-Precincting Plan for the Town of Sutton, including the map, legal description, and block listings, Selectman Chizy seconds passes 4-0  

Selectman Geraghty entertains a motion to adjourn, Selectman Chizy moves the motion passes 4-0
Meeting adjourned at 3:06pm

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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