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08/16/2011 BOS Meeting Minutes
   Meeting Minutes--
Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on9/6/2011by a vote of   2-0-2_
                                                 7:00 p.m. – August 16, 2011
                                        Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
                                Acting Chairman Michael Chizy, Clerk John Hebert & Member Kenneth Stuart  
Also in Attendance:     Town Administrator James Smith & Debbie Jacques, Administrative Secretary

Chairman Chizy calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

No Comments under Public Forum

Approval of Minutes:
Selectman Stuart motions to accept as presented August 2, 2011 meeting minutes, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 3-0
                                                                          (Selectman Geraghty & Hersom absent)
Dudley Gendron Post #414 one day outside beer & wine license: Mary Krumsiek, Manager is present to request the 1 day license for a Bluegrass & Country Music Fest & chicken barbecue to be held on September 24th, noon to 5pm.  Hearing no discussion, Selectman Hebert motions to approve the request for a special one day outside beer & wine license at the Dudley Gendron Post #414 located at 156 Boston Road on September 24th, 2011 between the hours of 12 noon – 5pm with a detail police officer on site.

Cable Dept. request for authorization to issue an RFP for Charter renewal: Pam Nichols access coordinator is present. Pam states that Charters 10 year contract is set to expire; an RFP is a step in the process to begin negotiations. Handed out for the BOS review is an Ascertainment Report, this report addresses the future needs of the Town of Sutton and its residents for PEG access (Public, Educational, and Governmental access). Included in the handout is the Cable Survey that was recently offered in town. Pam informs the Board she had a 5% response rate which she was very happy with. Selectman Hebert says it is important to get feedback from the users, Pam responds that it is an exciting process with the new middle/high school project that is underway and the new studio that will be at the school, this will improve our weakest link which is public access. Selectman Stuart responds he had taken the survey on line; Pam stated the majority was submitted on line. Town Administrator Jim Smith says Pam has done a lot of work for this RFP, she took it to the next level which will help the public access in town. Pam will be finalizing the RFP prior to the next meeting scheduled on September 6th. Hearing no further discussion, Selectman Stuart motions to approve the request for Authorization to issue an RFP for the Charter Communications renewal, Selectman Hebert seconds passes 3-0

Vote intention to layout Gilmore Drive, Jenna Lane, Jared Drive & Gale Road as public ways: Planning Director Jen Hager is present. Jen informs the BOS that the final punch list is being reviewed to present these roads at the Fall Town Meeting for Public way acceptance. Step 1 is for the BOS to present their intentions, then it goes before Planning Board on August 22nd, it will then be back at the September 6th BOS meeting for signatures. Selectman Hebert states this has been a long time coming, Selectman Stuart asks Jen to explain criteria for a public way, Jen responds that in order for private roads to be accepted as public ways they must conform with existing subdivision rules & regulations such as width, surface, vertical curve and drainage. Qualifications are more lax on a private road.  Hearing no further discussion the following motions are made:
  • Selectman Hebert moves to motion that the Board intends to lay out Jenna Lane and Jared Drive as public ways in the town as shown on the layout plan entitled:~ “Jenna Lane & Jared Drive~“, dated~July 19, 2011, and for that purpose forwards the proposed layout to the Planning Board for its report to be received on or before the Selectmen’s September 6, 2011 meeting Selectman Stuart seconds passes 3-0
  • Selectman Stuart moves to motion that the Board intends to lay out Gilmore Drive as a public way in the town as shown on the layout plans entitled:~“Sutton Commerce Park Road Acceptance Plan sheets 1-5~“, dated~August 8th, 2011, and for that purpose forwards the proposed layout to the Planning Board for its report to be received on or before the Selectmen’s September 6, 2011 meeting Selectman Hebert seconds passes 3-0 ~
  • Selectman Hebert moves to motion that the Board intends to lay out Gale Road as a public way in the town as shown on the layout plan entitled: “layout plan of Gale Road in Sutton MA“, dated~April 30th 2002, and for that purpose forwards the proposed layout to the Planning Board for its report to be received on or before the Selectmen’s September 6, 2011 meeting.” Selectman Stuart seconds passes 3-0
Draft Town of Sutton Fraud Prevention & Detection Policy: TA Smith requests the BOS review the enclosed draft. TA Smith will also present to Dept heads for their comments. TA Smith mentions this was put together by Town Accountant Tim Harrison, together they would like this formally adopted at one of the BOS meetings in September. Hearing no questions, meeting moves on.

FY11 yearend Transfer Station power point update: TA Smith reviews with the BOS the user fees have been unchanged over the past 5 years, the cost to the average family is $160.00 per year opposed to Waste Management’s cost of $530.00 per year.  TA Smith says we had to change the bag color from green to orange as Grafton uses the same color bags at a cheaper price, some residents purchased Grafton bags but they were brought to Sutton. For FY2011, the Transfer Station showed the revenues exceeded the expenses by $11,000.00. At some point we may have to revisit the user rates in the event the equipment has to be replaced. The recycling rate for FY11 was calculated to be 43%. Selectman Hebert asks about the vendors that store our recyclables and sell when the price increases. TA Smith says the items are stored at Blackstone Valley Recycling Center; they do look for a positive market to sell which in turn makes money for Sutton. Selectman Stuart is happy with a recycling rate of 43% and commends residents that do recycle; it makes the town greener. Ken asks if the recycling goes out to bid, TA Smith responds that we have an agreement with Blackstone Recycling, they do generate money with our recycling but that is something to consider. Selectman Chizy feels the 43% recycling rate is not accurate, he thinks the number is much higher; Mike goes on to say especially with the new compacters. Recycling was picked up once a week but now with the new compactors it is picked up once a month. He states it is a very well run operation.

Town Administrators Update:
  • Food Pantry Addition: Larry Hope hired as the general contractor. The cost is $61,000.00.Work has begun.
  • Sutton Sign board at 146: the sign is installed, lettering should occur within the next week
  • Waters Farm: Rick Hersom has requested an update from Waters Farm Board of Directors for the Sept 20th meeting, Board approves.
  • ICMA Conference scheduled for September 16-21st.
The Selectmen comments regarding the TA Update
  • Selectman Hebert is happy to see there will be extra funds available after the Food Pantry addition; this could be used for a large freezer. John is also glad to see TA Smith going to conferences. He says you always bring back something useful.
  • Selectman Stuart is glad Waters Farm is coming before the BOS. Waters Farm is a tremendous asset to the town. Ken goes on to say the rules of the game have changed on how food is handled at events. There is a food safe program that one person in the organization must be trained in. The Board of Health has been visiting events to ensure all are in compliance.
No Announcements
Selectmen’s Round Table:
  • Selectman Hebert says that at the Public Hearing a few weeks back regarding 146 & Boston Road, there was a lot of positive dialog with all in attendance. Not only is this project needed for safety, it is also needed for economic development. John asks the BOS to request a letter of support from TA Smith, all are in agreement, no vote is required.
  • Selectman Stuart thanks John for being such a good advocate for the town, Ken says it is crucial to get this project completed not only for safety and the traffic flow but also for economic development, Ken is 100% for this project.
Selectman Chizy reminds residents the need of food for the Food Pantry.
Acting Chair Chizy under MGL c30A, §21 (6) requests to enter into Executive Session with the sole purpose of reconvening for adjournment; Selectman Hebert moves the motion Selectman Stuart seconds passes 3-0

8:10 Board enters back in to regular session Selectman Hebert motions to adjourn, Selectman Stuart seconds passes 3-0to adjourn the meeting

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