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09/20/2011 BOS Meeting Minutes
  Meeting Minutes--
Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on10/4/2011by a vote of 4-0
                                                                  Selectman Hersom absent
                                                 7:00 p.m. – September 20, 2011
                                        Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
             Chairman Kevin Geraghty; Vice-Chair Michael Chizy, Clerk John Hebert and Members Richard Hersom & Kenneth Stuart   

Also in Attendance:
         Debbie Jacques Administrative Secretary (TA Smith at ICMA)

Chairman Geraghty calls the meeting to order at 7:00 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. No Comments under Public Forum
Approval of Minutes:

Selectman Hersom motions to accept as presented September 6, 2011 meeting minutes, Selectman Stuart seconds passes 4-0-1
                                                (Selectman Hebert absent from 9/6/11 meeting)

Waters Farm Board Update: Present to discuss the update is Patricia Nedoroscik, Vice President of Waters Farm Preservation, Norma Bedrosian and Pam Gurney Farnum , trustees (Ken Kelly, President of the board  is unavailable).   Pat begins with a brief history of how the Farm was donated to the Town in 1974 by Dorothea Waters Moran. The main house, built in 1757 by Stephen Waters and
other buildings on site (blacksmith shop, sugar house, shingle mill, etc.) are now a living history and education center. Originally this was a 600 acre farm; it is now 120 acres overlooking Manchaug Lake.  Waters Farm is run by dedicated volunteers.  It is a 501(c ) nonprofit organization which relies on membership fees, donations, grants and fundraisers.  The Sheriff’s office has committed to paint the exterior of the farm house in the spring of 2012. Their fund raisers usually consist of strawberry socials, car shows and Farm Days. This year is the 32nd annual Farm Days; it will be held Oct. 1st & 2nd.  Norma Bedrosian says that apple crisp is the big item at Waters Farm Days; volunteers get together and prepare dozens of pans of apple crisp for this event. At one time there were over 1000 apple trees at Waters Farm which is why the signature dessert here is the apple crisp. Pam Farnum reports to the BOS that the old cook barn has been raised and the new foundation to replace the cook barn with a 3 season barn is under way.  The post and beams are to be delivered; the goal is to cap the new barn before winter. Bud Gurney (Pam Farnums father) had put money aside for this project years ago which has assisted with some of the funding for this project. Selectman Geraghty thanks them for the update and opens up discussion to the board.  Selectman Chizy begins by saying if it was not for Bud Gurney the town would not have Waters Farm. Bud would pick up Dorothea Waters in New York every spring, bring her to the farm and then take her back in the fall. Dorothea wished to give the farm to Bud; he suggested donating to the town. Mike goes on to say Dorothea was a grand old lady and he gives 99% credit to Bud Gurney for making this happen. Rather than donating to the town, it was donated to the Conservation Commission to keep as a farm. Waters Farm is the jewel of the valley. Selectman Hebert says that Bud Gurney and all the old timers saw vision in Waters Farm. It is quite an incredible place. John goes on to include Wanda Bien for her countless hours spent there as well as being a great supporter. Selectman Hersom thanks the 3 presenters for the wonderful update.  Rick adds to the previous comments by saying Waters Farm is so pristine, so beautiful. The importance of maintaining and preserving the farm for future generations is so important. Selectman Stuart shares the sentiments already expressed by the board, he goes on to say treasures such as Waters Farm has kept him in town. He credits the volunteers that keep Waters Farm going and extends an invitation to residents in town that have never been to

the farm to check it out, it is beautiful. And for a small donation you can be a member of the Waters Farm Society. Ken offers 2 suggestions, visit Waters Farm and donate.  Chairman Geraghty thanks Pat, Norma and Pam for their presentation. He goes on to say there are so many things in town that go on that we just do not know about. Spread the word about Waters Farm Days. Kevin mentions the 99 year lease between the town of Sutton and Waters Farm Preservation, Inc. which was signed 4 years ago. It is a document that preserves the town’s interest and Waters Farm. Waters Farm is such a great symbol for our town, it is a link to the past going in to the future. Pat Nedoroscik thanks the board and all involved for the continued support.

        Selectman Hebert reminds all of Waters Farm Days Oct 1st & 2nd

Round Table:
        Selectman Chizy says the addition is moving along quickly, the electrician was there today. Mike says they are in need of       donations to fill the soon to be shelves.

Hearing no further discussion Selectman Chizy motions to adjourn the meeting, Selectman Hebert 2nds passes 5-0
Meeting Adjourned 7:25pm        

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