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01/16/2018 BOS Meeting Minutes
Town Of Sutton
Board of Selectmen
                                                        Meeting Minutes
                                           Minutes Accepted and filed with the Town Clerk on  2/6/2018 by a vote of  3-0-1   
                                                             (Selectman Plante abstains, absent from 1/16/18 meeting)
7:00p.m. – January 16, 2018
                                       Sutton Town Hall, Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Members in Attendance:                           
      Chairman Jesse Limanek, Vice Chair John Hebert, Clerk David Hall and Selectmen Michael Kenney
(Selectman Raymond Plante Jr. absent)
      Town Administrator James Smith & Deb Jacques, secretary  
Chairman Limanek calls the meeting to order at 7:00pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance  

Public Forum: N/A

Selectman Hall motions to accept as presented the January 2, 2018 meeting minutes, Vice Chairman Hebert seconds passes 4-0   
Public Hearing ** 159 Dodge Hill Road 61A- Public Hearing notice read by BOS Clerk David Hall. Seeing no one present for this hearing the Board of Selectmen proceed. TA Smith informs the board there was no interest in this property for town use from any dept. Hearing no comments, Selectman Hall motions to close the public hearing, Vice Chair Hebert seconds passes 4-0. Vice Chair Hebert motions to not exercise the town’s option under MGL Chapter 61A for 3.62 acres of property located at 159 Dodge Hill Road Map #19 Parcel 69, Selectman Kenney seconds passes 4-0

Public Hearing** Pole Hearing Central Tpk/Leland Hill Road- Public Hearing notice read by BOS Clerk David Hall; present for NGrid is DJ Birties as well as the homeowner of 73 Central Tpk. Dashiell and Madeleine Birnkrant. Mr. Birties states this is to move a pole off the private property and onto public way. Home owner Mr. Birnkrant says this is to supply services to a new garage at 73 Central Tpk. TA Smith says there are no issues with public safety. Hearing no comments Selectman Hall motions to close the public hearing, Selectman Kenney seconds passes 4-0. Selectman Kenney motions to approve pole hearing #25214384 from NGrid as advertised in the December 28, 2017 Millbury Sutton Chronicle Selectman Hall seconds passes 4-0

TIF presentation for Primetals Technologies: present is Lynn Tokarzick a Government Incentives Consultant working with Primetals and Michael Eldridge, Vice President of the Primetals facility in Worc. MA. Lynn begins by thanking TA Smith and Jen Hager for working with this company. The PowerPoint presentation (attached to final minutes) shows Primetals to be a leading manufacturer in
  the steel industry. The previous name of this company was Morgan Construction which has been in business for 130 years. Primetals is a joint venture between Siemens and Mitsubishi and currently serves customers such as Hyundai and Nucor Steel. Mr. Eldridge states the location in Sutton located at 85 Gilmore Drive is a viable option. This would be a 28 million dollar investment with a goal of attracting the next generation of employees. They are looking to relocate the locations in Worcester to one location in Sutton and retain the current employees.  Mr. Eldridge goes on to say Sutton would benefit economically with the restaurants and retail establishments in the area with the added traffic into town. This company has a history of community involvement which include high school paid internships, college co-ops and the chamber of commerce. They consider themselves to be a great corporate neighbor with a positive impact on local businesses as well as environmentally friendly.  Primetals is currently applying for a TIF under the MA Economic Development Incentive Program. This TIF will go before the Town of Sutton at a special Town Meeting and a decision will be made in March if the company will choose to come to Sutton as there are a few other locations of interest. TA Smith states that also before the BOS is a schedule showing the 15 year TIF proposal. TA Smith states this went back and forth and both parties have agreed on a 67% tax reduction. TA Smith states this would be a huge win for the town. Vice Chair Hebert says this is very exciting, the BOS strives to keep a single tax rate, and we take pride in our wonderful town. John asks if there would be any material stored outside such as copper. Mr. Eldridge replies from time to time there would be a very large steel fabrication but that is not typical. Selectman Hall says he is encouraged and happy that you researched our town. We are very interested in attracting new business. Dave asks about the shifts and states this industrial park is pretty quiet and there is residential areas around it.  Mr. Eldridge replied there would be 3 shifts with the majority of employees on 1st shift, Mr. Eldridge replies the building contains the little noise that the machines make and there is no odor.  Truck traffic would only be on 1st shift.  Dave addresses the TIF procedure and wants residents to know we are not giving away revenue, this is a competitive process. Dave is very confident this TIF is a good deal for the town as well as the company, the long term is a big win for the town. Selectman Kenney says great presentation and goes on to list some benefits such as easy access to ma pike. Mike goes on to say we are very welcoming and look forward to a good partnership. When asked what they are looking for in a site Mr. Eldridge replies the demographics for employees to relocate, easy access to airport and mass pike as well as the right economic prospect. Selectman Kenney asks what we can do to make the site a front runner, they reply provide natural gas.  TA Smith replies if company agrees to come to Sutton we will work with Mass Works to bring natural gas to the site. Chairman Limanek touches on some of the many positive comments, 130 years in business, employer was concerned with distance for current employees and the willingness to take on interns. We appreciate when a company invests in our community. Any concerns Jesse had were eased with this presentation. TA Smith states over the 15 year period, with the TIF, the town will have received $826,755. in total revenue.  
  • Selectman Hall  motions to recommend that Town Meeting approve a proposed 15-year Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Agreement, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 40, Section 59, and M.G.L c. 23A, Sections 3E and 3F, between Primetals Technologies USA LLC and Sutton Outlook Ventures, LLC (or its successor in interest to the property) and the Town of Sutton for the proposed property at the exemption rate schedule set forth therein and approve an Economic Development Incentive Program (“EDIP”) Local Incentive-Only Application submission to the Massachusetts Economic Assistance Coordinating Council (the “EACC”) Vice Chair Hebert seconds passes 4-0
  • Selectman Hall motions to recommend that Town Meeting authorize the Board of Selectmen to execute the TIF Agreement, and approve~submission to the EACC of the TIF Agreement and EDIP Local Incentive-Only Application, all relating to the project as described in the TIF Agreement, and any necessary documents relating thereto, and to take such other actions as are necessary or appropriate to obtain approval of the TIF Agreement and EDIP Local Incentive-Only Application, and related submissions and to take such other actions as necessary or appropriate to implement those documents Selectman Kenney seconds passes 4-0
Sign Special Town Meeting: this meeting is scheduled to take place on Monday, February 12th at 7:00pm TA Smith says there are a few articles on this warrant, #1 is the TIF for Primetals, #2 is to appropriate the funds ($368,000.00) from the sale of the bonds to the Police Station project, #3 is to purchase & install public safety communication equipment  ($550,000.00 to $600,000.) and #4 is for the Sewer Dept. to purchase equipment to replace recent equipment failures due to low temps. The BOS in discussions approved all items on the warrant and all agree that #2 is important to be able to include the bay on the Police station, #3 is important for all public safety. Selectman Kenney motions to approve and sign the Special Town Meeting Warrant as presented, Vice Chair Hebert seconds passes 4-0

TA Update:
  • FY19 Budget the Gov. will release state aid numbers on January 24th, TA Smith will get a little insight to these figures at the MMA conference on January 19th. Fin Com will hold a meeting to discuss the special Town Meeting warrant on January 24th, 2018.
  • Animal Control Officer Dan Chauvin will be out on medical leave for approx. 6 weeks. Aly Hearon from Clarks Boarding will cover for him.
  • Town Clerks schedule for the May Town Meeting and election is enclosed.  
  • Fire Dept. training schedule for 2018 is attached. It is a very aggressive schedule.
  • John Couture was named Chairman of the State Board of Building Regulations & Standards. Congratulations to John.
  • Roadway Improvements Stabilization Fund will be an agenda item at the next BOS meeting.
  • Selectman Kenney reminds all that with the snowy weather be mindful of the Highway Dept.
Chairman Limanek thanks Matt Stencel and the Highway Dept. as well as Dave Arsenault for recent road clearing. Also mentioned was a shoutout to Couture Flooring out of Manchaug for their professional service installing new rugs at COA.
  • Food Pantry needs were read.
Selectman Hall motions to adjourn, Vice Chair Hebert seconds passes 4-0

Meeting adjourned 8:16                  

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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