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Smith pitches FY19 Capital Plan of $694K

Smith pitches FY19 Capital Plan of $694K

Millbury-Sutton Chronicle | on January 11, 2018

By Robert Fucci
Selectman David Hall says it’s time for Sutton to fix its communications issue at the Fire Department.
Photo by Robert Fucci

Town Administrator Jim Smith alerted the Board of Selectmen during its Jan. 2 meeting that his proposed FY19 Capital Plan is larger than usual.

Smith outlined 15 items on the Capital Plan, which would total $694,000
The most urgent of the items is the boiler replacement at Sutton Elementary School, which would cost $50,000.
That was followed by repairing the elementary school rear egress ($40,000), and accessibility sidewalk repair for the schools ($30,000) and Sutton Public Library ($45,000). The most costly item is next on Smith’s list, the installation of smart boards in the schools. Smith said the schools could have them installed for Year 1 as the town begins a three-year plan to pay for them at $80,000 per year.
Some of the other larger items on the Capital Plan include:
• Goddard Lodge rehab ($75,000)
• School technology ($75,000)
• Gilmore Drive LED lights ($75,000)
• Firefighter equipment ($70,000)
• and a wood chipper for the Highway Department ($60,000).
All of the Capital Plan items would be paid through free cash.
Smith also said he would like to ask residents at Spring Town Meeting on whether to fund fiber/simulcast antennas at the Fire Department.
That would come at the cost of $400,000.
“This is the right time to do this,” Selectman David Hall said. “We’ve been chasing this problem for years.”  The lack of the antennas has been a safety issue in Sutton for many years.
“The biggest frustration is getting communication with the station,” said Selectman Ray Plante, Jr., a former part-time police officer in Sutton. “It’s been a long time. It’s time.”
Smith said the town would use free cash or some other one-time revenue to fund it.