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Whitinsville Water to Flush Water Mains


The Whitinsville Water Company (WWC) will commence flushing of water mains and hydrants the week of April 12, 2009.  The mains and hydrants are flushed each year to remove the accumulated sediment on the inside of the mains and to ensure that the hydrants are working properly.  It will take approximately 6 weeks to complete the flushing.  The majority of work will take place from 10:30 PM through 6:00 AM.

During the flushing, you may notice discolored water or air in the lines.  The degree of discoloration and amount of air will be affected by the street where you live. The discoloration will go away shortly after the flushing. The material that causes the discoloration is iron, manganese and sediment that are naturally occurring in the water.  These materials are always in the water mains but become suspended during the flushing process.  Although the discoloration is not aesthetically pleasing, there is no harm to your health if the water is consumed when discolored.  However, you may wish to always keep a container of water available for drinking purposes during the flushing process.

If you notice the water is discolored, avoid doing laundry (especially white clothes) until the water clears.    

Thank you for your understanding as we perform the necessary flushing program.  If there are any questions, please contact the office @ 234 -7358.

                                        THE WHITINSVILLE WATER COMPANY

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