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Building Commissioner Installing Windows at Town Hall
Building commish updates BOS on town hall windows, school project

By Tom Reilly

Selectman Michael Chizy reporting on behalf of Town Administrator Jim Smith who was on vacation, said at the Board’s June 14 meeting that Building Commissioner John Couture has measured and purchased new windows and has begun installing them in town hall .

Smith thanked Couture for his efforts, saying this was one of many projects he has done on behalf of the town outside of his normal building inspector responsibilities. Selectman John Hebert said in the past Couture has installed windows in the old Manchaug Library and at the schools. He even recently fixed the cupolas at town hall, Hebert said.

He also recently installed a brand new boathouse at the town beach at Marion’s Camp. Hebert said the old boathouse had been broken into but Couture came up with a security system for the new o

“It’s just one more thing he does over and above,” said Hebert. “I just applaud John for all the extra work.”

Selectman Ken Stuart said he recently asked Couture how the school building project was going, knowing Couture “was not one to mince words.” Stuart said he could say nothing but great things about the school. He added it was great to have a person like that who goes around and helps out in other areas. “We’re lucky to have him,” Stuart said.

Smith wrote Roger Raymond from the high school about having the high school football team use Shaw Farm for practicing because the team does not have an adequate practice area. Smith said the team has agreed to mow a portion of the farm for this purpose, likely at the top of the hill near the former Shaw home. Smith added the cross country team currently uses the farm for practices and meets.

Selectman David Hall said he was surprised to learn the high school did not have adequate practice fields but thought this issue belonged with the high school’s athletic director or with the booster club “or whoever controls where the team goes.” He asked if they were giving permission to the team or were they giving permission to the school to have a practice field there? Hall suggested the Board follow up on this issue.

There will be a public hearing on the Lorden propane proposal at the next selectmen’s meeting on July 1. He said the Planning Board approved a proposal to install two 60,000 gallon mounted propane tanks. There would also be space for onsite delivery trucks and a trailer, for a total overall storage of 150,000 gallons of propane at the site. There would also be a 1,000 gallon above ground tank for diesel fuel. The site is on Route 146. Hebert said he supported what the company wanted to do. He said he hoped fire chief Matt Belsito would be at that meeting. Hebert said he also hoped to see the new traffic lane built on Pleasant Valley Road as soon as possible.

Selectman Paul Maynard said he had one meeting with Belsito and Lorden and thought they would be coming up with some good suggestions. He said he would also be supporting it.

Breakfast and lunch is served – The selectmen approved a common victualler’s license for Shultzy’s Place, a breakfast and lunch restaurant going into the space once occupied by Tammy’s in Heritage Plaza at 3 Boston Road. The restaurant recently passed its final hurdle—an inspection by the Board of Health.

Owner Steve Schroeder told the selectmen he wanted to thank all of the relevant departments for helping him to get ready to open. He said the hours of operation would be 5:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day and would always be on the premises. He said there would probably be three full-time employees.

Schroeder said he knew when crews were out plowing there was nowhere for them to get a cup of coffee and offered to open up early mornings when crews were out plowing because he lived right behind the restaurant. Hall said this was not something they probably wanted to decide that night but he thanked him for the offer. Maynard, the former fire chief, thanked him for offering to stay open for the snow crews. He also said it was nice to see the business back in operation. Selectman Ken Stuart praised Schroeder’s work ethic when he has worked for other establishments and said that he wished him luck. It was always good to see a business that was failing get going again, he said.

Chizy said he was glad to see someone was opening up the restaurant again. He said a lot of people used to go there. Schroeder said he thought being open for lunch as well as on Sundays would help to keep the business open.

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