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Earth Removal Permits
Permits may be obtained for a fee by filing an application with the Board. Application Fees are currently $900 dollars, plus the expense of mailing notices to abutters. Renewal Fees are also $900

Granting or Denying Permits
The board takes into consideration whether or not a permit would:

Endangerment to the public health or safety, or existing or potential water supplies Constitute a nuisance
Result in detriment to the normal use of adjacent property by reason of noise, dust or vibration, or undermining the property
Result in operations with 200 feet of a way open to the public use, whether public or private, or within 200 feet of a building or other structure unless the Board is reasonably satisfied that such operations will not undermine such way or building or other structure

Before issuing a new permit, the Board shall hold a public hearing after giving at least fourteen days notice of the time and place.  Such notice will appear in a newspaper advertisement of general circulation in the town and by certified prepaid postage mail, to all abutters.  

When Does My Permit Expire?
Permits automatically expire upon completion of the earth removal project for which it was issued or at such other time as may be specified in said permit.  No such permit shall be valid for more than one year from the date of issuance.  A renewal of an applications may be filed.  The Board may in its discretion, grant renewals for periods of up to one additional year without a public hearing.  

For a complete overview, please refer to the General Bylaws - Article 5

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