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Elder Services
TRIAD Cooperative Agreement with the Town of Sutton and Worcester County TRIAD Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Major polls indicate that crime and the fear of crime impact severely on older Americans. Recognizing the
challenging situation presented by a rapidly increasing number of older persons in the county, we desire to identify and offer ways of dealing more effectively with many of the problems faced by older citizens.

Because of the aging population and the increasing demands being placed on law enforcement and public safety agencies to meet the needs of older citizens, it is important that the county’s leading law enforcement agencies devote special attention to the needs of senior citizens.

Statement of Agreement

In light of the above, the town of Sutton, the Sutton Police Department, and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office are determined to effect change. These groups and organizations agree that the nation’s older population has special needs with respect to victimization and fear of crime, perceived and actual loss, and the sense of being alone and unprotected. We agree that these needs can and should be met by law enforcement agencies and the country’s premier organization(s) ofolder citizens, working together at all levels of free societies.

We hereby commit to work together to enhance the quality of life of older persons. Our purpose is to
heighten awareness among law enforcement practitioners of older persons’ need for dignity and security
and to focus our efforts on reducing criminal victimization through cooperative strategies, planning and
programming. This initiative is designed to mobilize community resources to continually ascertain the
needs and concerns of older citizens and to provide mechanisms for meeting those identified needs.

The sharing of resources is the first step to achieving an effective means to identifying available programs.
This process will involve law enforcement practitioners as well as citizens of all ages in the development,
implementation and evaluation of acceptable solutions. Together, we will strive for a renewed sense of
responsibility for the security and general well being of older citizens through public awareness, training
and the provision of criminal justice services.

Therefore, by agreement, the town of Sutton and the Police Department and the Worcester County Sheriff's Office TRIAD will initiate the appropriate actions to achieve these objectives.~ The collaborating agencies will work cooperatively on the following program in the Town of Sutton, and their Police Department and the Worcester County Sheriff's Office to benefit senior citizens and others throughout Worcester County.


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