Town of Sutton Adopts Mailbox Damage Policy

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The Sutton Highway Department’s primary obligation is to keep roads passable and clean during and after snow and ice events.  Most mailboxes are placed in the public right of way.  Damage to them during a snow and ice event is unavoidable.

The Sutton Highway Department will not be responsible for mailboxes damaged from snow cast or pushed from plows. The Sutton Highway Department will no longer provide replacement mailboxes or perform repairs to mailboxes damaged by thrown snow.

If a Town or Town contractor plow or truck damages a mailbox through direct contact a reimbursement will be made in accordance with this policy.

It is the mailbox owner’s responsibility to notify the Town of Sutton and file a mailbox reimbursement request form within 72 hours of damage. Mailboxes and posts must be made available for inspection.

The Town of Sutton may authorize a reimbursement of up to $50.

Only one claim per address per year will be accepted.




Adopted January 7, 2020