Manchaug Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Grant - Manchaug Water Study Project Information

06/06/2023 - Meeting Details To Be Announced - Final MVP report presented to the Select Board

05/23/2023 - Public Comments Due

05/12/2023 - Initial Draft Report Available

04/27/2023 - Meeting #3 - Water Study Project - Details To Be Announced - Consultant to share and discuss possible strategies and solutions (Solutions Session).

03/16/2023 - Meeting #2 - Water Study Project - Consultant to share what was found in the information/input from Meeting #1 and the completed assessment along with discussion of field work and identified problems (Problems Session).
6PM - Manchaug Mills, Blaxton Hall, 9 Main Street, Sutton, MA

12/06/2022 - MVP Manchaug field site visit

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11/17/2022 - Meeting #1 - Water Study Project - Consultant to share information and gather input about the natural and manmade water flow systems in Manchaug (Listening Session).
6PM - Manchaug Mills, 1st Floor Wing, 9 Main Street, Sutton.

09/15/2022MVP Team Kick Off Meeting

    Sutton MVP Grant Awarded - The Town of Sutton has been approved for a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program Action Grant award in the amount of $75,000 for the project titled “Manchaug Village Water Resource Resiliency Action Plan.” Our community is adapting and building resiliency as the climate changes by taking actionable steps to implement your MVP planning findings.

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    • Click here to view the Sutton - Manchaug Water Resource Resilience Action Plan FY23 MVP Action Grant Scope/Budget

    Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Grant submitted.

    • Click here to view the Sutton Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program Yearly Progress Report

    The Town of Sutton is pursuing Municipality Preparedness (MVP) grant to take a detailed look at the natural and manmade drainage and water flow systems in the Village of Manchaug. Our goal is to identify existing issues and then create a plan and prioritize solutions and improvements that could include dam repair, drainage fixes, a public park, floodplain restoration, waterway access and more. This is your neighborhood. Please come share your thoughts and give your input! Let’s work together to better the community! If you have questions or need more information, please reach out to Jen Hager at or 508-865-8729(MVP). Manchaug Mills, 2nd Floor Common Area (entrance at 6 Whitins Road).