Veterans' Agent

The Department of Veterans Services is a state mandated service that provides services to veterans, veteran's spouses and their dependents. Its authority is derived from Chapter 115 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth.

The basic concept of creating fiscal assistance to veterans, veteran's spouses and dependents had roots in legislation established in 1861. It was also a concept that became a legislative way and method of paying to veterans. Services of this Department are available to all Sutton veterans, veteran's spouses and their dependents.

Assistance is also rendered in the following matters:

  • Pension
  • Financial need
  • Filing claims with the Veterans Administration or Social Security
  • Educational benefits
  • Home loans
  • Hospitalization and medical care
  • Upon the death of a veteran

Additionally, the Department is open to any veteran or service personnel who wishes to talk about any matter pertaining to his or her well-being.

Massachusetts veterans, if you are facing financial difficulties during the current  COVID-19 emergency, the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services may be able to provide you with finanical assistance. Click here for info on the Chapter 115 Benefits/Safety Net Program.


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Carl Bradshaw LTC (R) District Director
Annmarie Cleary Assistant Director