Cable Department

  • Government Meetings Week of 4/15/24

Week of April 15, 2024
*All meetings are held at the Sutton Town Hall and broadcast live
on Verizon 31/Spectrum 191 unless otherwise noted


Wednesday, April 17
6:30pm - Conservation Commission - HYBRID
Wally Johnson Room 1A - Third Floor
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Thursday, April 18
4:00pm - Sutton Housing Authority - IN PERSON
Sutton Town Hall 1B (Third Floor)
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** This meeting will not be recorded or broadcast **






  • Inform and educate the residents of Sutton by recording and broadcast local government meetings        
  • Foster the production of local special interest events
  • Extend opportunities to Sutton communities by showcasing a variety of high-quality educational programming
  • Make available video production technology and training to the public
  • Develop and enforce cable licenses in the best interest of the community
  • Provide cable broadcast access to every Sutton resident

The coordinator is responsible for day-to-day operation of the PEG access channels including programming and maintenance of the TV bulletin board (messages and announcements). Contact this office if you have questions about Charter channels 191, 192 & 194 or Verizon channels 29, 30 & 31.                                                                


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Pamela A. Nichols Communications Director
Christine M. Hicks PEG Access Coordinator